New EP Out Now!

"The impressive vocal range of Gabrielle Dana can't be ignored, but it is the free-flowing yet carefully composed music that raises them far above the thousands of indie hopefuls."

-Here Comes The Flood

"War Honey creates a world of their own, hard to categorize and can only be described as an experience... I highly recommend a deep listen. Pop the record on, lie down on the floor, close your eyes and take in the ethereal talent exemplified by War Honey."

-UNHNGD Magazine

12" Vinyl Out Now!


"War Honey... have blown every other promising young band out of the water with their debut EP Shard to Shatter, and their most recent single 'Skinless'... an unpredictable amalgamation of sprawling ambient slowcore jams and bluesy existential shoegaze psalms."

-A Grrrl’s Two Sound Cents

"This is a slick looking record too for being so short- pressed on a semi-translucent black vinyl with a screened b-side that shows through the darkened A-side.  Pretty cool."

-Hanging Like A Hex